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Traces of the future. Walid Raad: Miraculous Beginnings, Whitechapel Gallery

Individualism versus identity. Unveiled: New Art from the Middle East, Saatchi Gallery

Not so safe distance. THE NEIGHBOUR, by Ashok Sukumaran, P3, London

Architecture and Urbanism

In defence of scale: Think big in architecture

Paraisópolis and the Spirit Level 

Whatever happened to ambition? Architecture and the culture of low expectations.

The mayor who sets his sights low: Why London needs more skyscrapers

Warspace: The City in Civil Conflict.

Dubai Max.

Radical vision: Le Corbusier – The Art of Architecture

Contemporary Architecture: A modernist ideal or a modern truth?

Re-Imagining the City

Whatever Happened to Visionary Architecture?

Why it’s time to demolish Robin Hood Gardens

Making a mess of the Tate Modern extension  

Modernism: Designing a New World 1914 - 1939

Lagos / Koolhaas

Trading Places: Architecture as Spectacle and Film as Realism



Whatever happened to the Beirut Spring?

قمة كوبنهاغن و التغير المناخي : بداية عصر الاستعمار البيئي

The Hariri Tribunal: Justice over Sovereignty? - Arabic

The Hariri Tribunal: Justice over Sovereignty?

Surveillance society - protection from ourselves?

Out of Breath

Hezbollah with 'Bare' Arms - Statement by 8 Lebanese Leftists

Baghdad Under Siege

Baghdad Under Siege (Arabic)


Imagining the City

Syriana: an anti-political thriller

Book Reviews

Mirror of the Arab World: Lebanon in Conflict

Hezbollah: A Short History

Visionary Architecture: Blueprints of the Modern Imagination

The Predicament of the Individual in the Middle East (Arabic)

Translated Articles

What next for Israel? By Fadi Abdallah, Translated by Karl Sharro

Tel Aviv: A Shrine for Exiles By Bilal Khbeiz, Translated by Karl Sharro